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Manually Grown Accounts

Aged accounts, grown manually over a long period of time to ensure the best quality.

Fast Delivery

Accounts are delivered to your registered email within 12 hours after you place an order.

NameCountryAgePost karmaComment karmaPriceBuy
B***USA2 yrs3800+300+$60.00
G***USA1 yr1300+90+$36.00
H***USA4 months950+200+$35.00
K***USA4 months600+100+$30.00


All your Questions Answered!

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

What steps should I take after receiving the account to ensure its safety?

After receiving the account, you should log into it using the provided credentials. Then change its password and attach your email to it.

What type of karma do the accounts have?

The accounts have both post and comment karma.

Can the accounts get banned?

Our accounts are high-quality and safe, and there is pretty no chance of them getting banned. However, like any other account, they can get banned if you practice any unfair means and break Reddit rules.

What should I do to prevent my account from looking like a bought account?

It is a great practice to make some non-promotional posts and comments regularly along with your promotional posts. It makes the account look real and just like any other Reddit user.

Do you offer any other Reddit services?

Yes, we also provide Reddit upvotes and marketing services.