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Reddit is one of the 20 most visited websites in the world with over a billion monthly visitors. It has communities for every niche out there. Hence, with the right strategy, one can promote almost anything on Reddit.

It ranks posts on the website and in individual subreddits based on a voting system, listing the posts with more upvotes higher. If your post fails to receive enough upvotes soon, it’ll get pushed down and fail to reach the people. That’s where our service comes in. Buying Reddit Upvotes can help accelerate your posts higher in the rankings, thereby bringing it more exposure and engagement.

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All your Questions Answered!

What type of accounts are used for voting?

The upvotes are sent from a wide variety of karma accounts aged four months to eight years.

Can I order upvotes for old posts?

Yes, you can order upvotes for old posts and comments, the only exception being archived posts, that is posts which are older than six months.

Can my account get banned?

We can assure you that our upvotes are totally safe, and you won’t ever face bans solely due to them. However, if the moderator feels you’re spamming the subreddit, you may get banned.

How long does an order take to complete?

Depending on the number of upvotes ordered and the order queue, it can take 30 minutes to 6 hours for an order to complete.

How to check my post went through or not?

You can do that by logging out of your account and then looking for your post in the subreddit’s new section.

How to make a successful post?

Follow the rules of the subreddit and make sure that your account satisfies its age and karma requirements. If it doesn’t, you can always order to post through one of our premium accounts.

Why are my final points lesser than the number of upvotes I ordered?

It is due to your post getting downvoted by other Redditors.

Why was my order not fully delivered?

It sometimes happens that your post ends up getting removed before we could deliver all the upvotes. If partial delivery happens, please send us a message, and we’ll check what went wrong.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with Credit Card, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

Can my post reach the subreddit's front page?

If you’d like to hit the subreddit’s front page, you can order our guaranteed subreddit front page service.

Can I order the upvotes to come from specific countries?

Unfortunately, we do not offer geo-specific upvotes. All upvotes are sent from US IPs only.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

We do. Please send us a message through our contact page, and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

Are downvotes available?

Yes, you can order them here.